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우리나라에서 유통되고 있는 포대 아스콘이라고 생각하면 맞음

하지만 골재입도의 균일함과 덜 끈적이며 품질이 일정한 점이 장점이나

수입품인 관계로 가격이 비싸다. 물론 그 이유는 운송비가 있으므로


대략 국산제품의 2배 정도의 가격이지만 시중에서 구하기는 쉽지가 않다.

품질면에서는 월등하지만 수급과 가격이 가장 큰 문제


요즘 중국쪽 생산지가 생겨서 가격을 조회해본 결과.. 여전히 비싸다.

왜 중국사람들은 한국에서 오더를 내려고 하면 가격을 비싸게 부르는 걸까


미국쪽에서 수입하는 가격과 비슷한 가격을 부름,,


Perma-Patch®, an all season, all weather, permanent asphalt patching material manufactured in Baltimore, used throughout the United States and internationally with extraordinary success. Easy to use, no mixing, no special pothole preparation, displaces water and accepts immediate traffic.

Most durable for permanent repairs, Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces.

Available in easy to handle bags, pails, or in bulk. Bags have a minimum shelf life of two years, while bulk can be stored for a minimum of one year.















Perma-Patch is poured, ready-to-use, directly from a bag. There is no mixing or preparation of the material involved. The product is so easy to use that you may use shovels, rakes, or other hand tools. The pothole or utility cut requires no initial preparation such as removing standing water, drying the hole, or removing small loose aggregate. Any large broken aggregate should be removed, and the subbase and base should be compacted. Tack coat or any other adhesive is not required. Compaction of Perma-Patch can be accomplished by hand tamping, vibratory plate compactors, rollers, or if necessary under the action of vehicular traffic. A 60 LB. bag will fill a 6 SQ. FT. area 1 inch high.



    Perma-Patch has been in active use since 1980. When placed in a pothole or utility cut, it will maintain its integrity as long as or longer than the surrounding, existing paving. Perma-Patch can be placed in holes or utility cuts and at a later date, along with the entire roadway, accepts a resurfacing course of hot asphalt, "tar and chip", or other seal coats.

1. Do pour Perma-Patch® directly from the bag or container into the pothole.

2. Do use Perma-Patch® at all times of the year and in all weather conditions, below 0° - 100°F, wet or dry.

3. Do use Perma-Patch® in potholes even if the pothole contains standing water. .

4. Do use Perma-Patch® for repairing potholes in highways, roads, streets, parking areas, and driveways. Small loose aggregate can be left in place. Large loose aggregate should be removed.

5. Do use Perma-Patch® instead of hot mix asphalt for repairs of utility cuts and cable trenches.

6. Do use Perma-Patch® to repair concrete and asphalt roads and steel, wood, or concrete-decked bridges.

7. Do allow traffic to immediately drive over a Perma-Patch® repaired pothole. (The more the traffic, the faster the setup time.)

8. Do store bags of Perma-Patch® in a dry area to prevent deterioration of the paper package.

9. Do clean tools with solvents like kerosene and mineral spirits (paint thinner) only after completely finishing the placement of Perma-Patch®.



 1. Don't store bags of Perma-Patch® near heat sources or in an extremely hot environment.

2. Don't mix Perma-Patch®. Perma-Patch® is premixed, ready to use.

3. Don't use kerosene, mineral spirits, or any other solvents in the application and use of Perma-Patch.

4. Don't use tack coat prior to applying Perma-Patch®. Perma-Patch® acts as its own adhesive agent.


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